Unicoi A Transformation
of the Heart
Unicoi State Park | December 3-5 A weekend of powerful meditations for enhancing loving kindness With Gen Norden, Sharon Lovich and Kelsang Jangchen
open house Saturday,
Dec 11 | 10- 11am.
Open House Free guided meditation
feel joy How to Feel Saturday, Dec 18 With Gen Norden 1/2 Day Meditation Retreat NY EVE Celebration Alternative New Year's Eve With Gen Norden December 31 New Mind New Year With Gen Norden January 1st New Layer New Mind New You Jan challenge JANUARY MEDITATION CHALLENGE Lamrim LAMRIM CHALLENGE Heruka Gn Khedrub with Gen Khedrub Jan 7-9 Heruka Becoming

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Only by creating peace within our own mind and helping others do the same can we hope to achieve peace in this world.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso