Monthly meditation workshops and 1/2 day meditation retreats. These courses are great for beginners, or those wishing to refresh their meditation practice. No experience of meditation is necessary. Just sign up!

Enjoy guided meditation and practical advice on how to meditate. Learn to induce physical and mental relaxation, develop peaceful and positive states of mind, and experience inner peace. Everyone is welcome.

Meditation 101 Workshop

Two sessions of practical instruction, guided meditation and Q and A on how to begin, and also improve your meditation practice.

SAT, APR 1 | 1–3:30PM
SAT JUN 17 | 1–3:30PM
SAT AUG 12 | 1–3:30PM
SAT OCT 14 | 1–3:30PM
SAT NOV 4 | 1–3:30PM


Just Breathe: 1/2 Day Silent Retreat

Enjoy an afternoon of silence and stillness, guided into three sessions of simple and effective breathing meditation techniques. Connect with your potential to experience inner peace.

SAT, MAY 6 | 1–4PM
SAT, JUL 22  | 1–4PM
SAT SEP 9  | 1–4PM
SAT DEC 16  | 1–4PM


Meditation is an ancient technology that has been used for thousands of years by people wishing to deepen their spiritual understanding and grow on the spiritual path. In modern times, people have become increasingly interested in meditation as a way to promote physical and mental well-being amidst their busy daily lives. Meditation has something for everyone – it can be used to promote health by decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression and for developing calmer, happier minds. Additionally, if we wish, it can even take us to our highest potential, full enlightenment. Come learn a variety of meditation skills to develop and maintain inner strength and happiness.

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols
We care about your safety and well-being!
Here is a list of COVID-19 prevention measures currently in place at KMC Georgia:
  • The uses of masks is voluntary. Please read the latest CDC mask guidance.
  • We have a UV air purifier running at all times inside the main meditation room. All doors to the main meditation room will remain open during class to encourage air flow.
  • Chairs in the meditation rooms are placed to encourage social distancing. If you don't feel comfortable sitting in the main meditation room, you may sit in the smaller meditation room or in the reception/cafe area, where we have a TV monitor link and audio. If you are in the café area, you may still watch the class through the open glass doors.
  • We offer hand sanitizer to all our guests and volunteers, and sanitize all high touch areas before every class.